Twilight Nanny

Terms and Conditions
* If is expected that when a client confirms via email our agreed meeting date that they are agreeing to my terms and conditions as shown below.

* There are no admin or agency fees when booking directly with Twilight Nanny. 

* Payment for bank holidays is double the normal rate.

* Cancellation / Notice - When making a booking for Remote Sleep Support please note that if you wish to cancel I require at least 48 hours days notice prior to start date arranged for Sleep Support services. If this is not given then I charge 3 nights cancellation fee relating to the service booked. 

* If due to sickness and you wish to postpone your start date then please inform me asap, if 24 hours notice is not given then due to loss of earnings one nights fees still be due. Obviously i look at personal circumstances in relation to this. Please note if postponing then ultimately cancelling, the cancellation fee still stands. (3 nights fees) 

* When booking remote support , the maximum time for this to be completed before additional fees are due is 6 weeks. Of course if long term illness is a factor I can be flexible with full communication to organise the delay and proposed new start date. This is to my discretion. * if over 6 weeks from booking then I will suggest that another reduced fee consultation is the best way forwards before starting to ensure I am up to date on current sleep habits. Refunds are not given but alternative support offered.*

* consultation cancellation notice - if 48 hours are not given a charge of £25 is due, again I  take circumstances into account.

* Break Away / Holiday care - As this type of booking takes much time, effort and planning I require a minimum of 4 weeks notice to cancel such organised care, if this is not given I will charge 40% of the total fee owed. 

* Late Payments, if fees are not paid by the arranged date then there will be a late payment charge of £10 per day.

* The client will reimburse the Night Nanny / Sleep Consultant for all travel expenses to and from her work place at a rate of 45 pence per mile after the first 10  miles, this includes consultations and interviews.