Twilight Nanny

Twilight Nanny Support Services 0-6 MTHS & 6 MTHS TO 8 years old. 


from £150.00

If you have a new baby on the way or newborn I can offer reassurance and support to prepare you for the changes ahead, we will discuss feeding, sleeping, healthy routines, what to buy and what not, settling techniques and anything else you may want advice and support with. I also offer in-house and remote support packages that can be spread out over the first 12 weeks of your babies life where I am available to be at hand to answer questions and offer the needed support you may need. 

Packages include an initial consultation to tailor the package to your family and parenting styles. 

This can be followed either by my phone / email support to advise you through different stages and leaps, which will be as and when you need it over a chosen time period, or my in-house Night Nanny support which is usually 9pm-7am.

NEWBORN REMOTE SUPPORT - £60 per call / support session. (Minimum booking 3)

IN-HOUSE NIGHT NANNY SUPPORT - £23-28ph based on 9-7am


Until a baby is over 6 months old and fully weaned onto solids foods then you cannot expect them to go all night without night feeds. (7-7) However often a babys sleep struggles stem from feeding / sleeping associations, so if your baby is under 6 months I can still help support you with sleep struggles around their usual feeding schedules whether they are breast or bottle fed. I can also help with establishing healthy routines for you and your baby around feeds and advise accordingly with settling techniques. My plans are about supporting sleep, ‘never’ withholding feeds. Please note I do not work with ‘cry it out’ methods,  only reassurance and comfort in supporting sleep and weaning from techniques we may use. This may involve in some plans to use short windows of time to observe your little ones responses so we may tune into the best steps in supporting them best, if you have a video monitor this is a great tool in tuning into your little ones settling signs.


* Rocking to sleep * Feeding to sleep even when not hungry * Dummy runs * Settling to sleep in your arms then transferring to the cot * Sitting next to the crib / cot and holding hands * Co sleeping in your bed * Settling downstairs in the lounge on the sofa * settling well at bedtime but then waking after 40mins-1 hour later unsettled until you have to resettle them. * Frequent night wakings. 


One to one sleep consultation with written report - £150-250.00

This is held in your home if we are local or via video calling. Within your in-depth consultation meeting we go over a typical 24 hours discussing; you and your babies birth experience, medical history and all feeding and weaning patterns you currently follow. We then go over your sleep struggles so I can get a clear picture of how best to advise you, to then create a detailed sleep plan. We will go over all step by step with me explaining in detail how best to support you in making or tweaking any changes. At the end of your 1.5-2 hour consultation I will also type up notes made to email you within 24 hours as a reminder of all we have discussed. 

REMOTE SLEEP SUPPORT PACKAGE, what is involved?  - 

As an experienced, and now well established sleep support specialist and night nanny of 14 years I can offer support to families that feel they can tackle the changes themselves with the correct support behind them knowing what they are doing is right! We start with a one to one consultation as detailed above, face to face or via facetime / skype.  

When you are ready we then book in your 5 -8 nights minimum support, and together with my guidance and support I will give you daily tips and plans to work though step by step. Your daily plans will be based upon how your little one has responded each night from your previous nights observations so that  we have a clear plan for the night ahead. We can chat on the phone daily, email or create a WhatsApp group. 

Why 5 -8 Nights ? - Based upon research this is how long it takes to support and change any sleep associations. IF for what ever reason things linger on and you feel that you would like a few extra nights support then I do not charge any extra for this, I will e there to support and see you through your changes. 

5 Night Remote Sleep Support  - from £65.00 per night 

BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT - Offering advice and support with any behavioural struggles. I offer several packages to support in this area so do get in touch so we may tailor your package. This can include time to assess / observe over a morning / day if required. 

FEES ** these are currently being updated on the system, please contact TwilightNanny directly for up-to-date information **

NEW PARENT / BABY CONSULTATIONS & SUPPORT SERVICE.- An initial £100 consultation fee followed by support via phone and email (as arranged) for up to 12 weeks old. £65per day. Twins Consult £210 & £75 per day support.

In-House Sleep Support and Night Nanny Care - £23-28 per hour 

REMOTE SLEEP SUPPORT - £150 consultation fee followed by £65 per day support. (Minimum 5 Days) For Twins or 2 siblings £210 consultation fee and  £75 per day remote support. Supporting 2 children of different ages or separately is £80.00 per day. 

Please note that there is no obligation to book remote support after a consultation meeting.

SMALL GROUP SLEEP CONSULTATIONS & SLEEP CLINICS - Minimum of 2 people for up to 2 hours, in depth personal advice and sleep plan - £65.00 per person In my clinics I have a Maximum number of 8-10 people for up to 2 hours with some personal advice given and plan, these are held at Places Leisure in Eastleigh and The 'you and your baby hub' in Southsea, - please enquire for availability & fees.


Travel Charged at 0.45p per mile, please supply your full postal code on enquiry / booking.

DAY CARE / HOLIDAY CARE - If you fancy a weekend away then I can care for your child(ren) in your own home, as much notice as possible is required due to planning for both parties. Thank you

TRAVEL - I am based in Fareham, Hampshire I am happy to travel up to an hour away but do ask for 45p per mile to cover travel expenses from my home. (I can negotiate on this for block bookings)

Please do contact me if you have any questions at all. Email: Phone: 07851917175

Booking Deposits are required. For further details & Cancellation / Notice - Please see my Terms and Conditions. Thank ypu